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A Guide To Resolving Payment Concerns During A Wafid Registration

Admin 21-08-2023

In the age of digitalization, while we are making any payment through net banking, credit cards, debit cards, UPI, etc. we often face various troubles to make the payment successfully. Similarly, during making registration for Wafid Medical Appointment people often face difficulty during making the payment using a credit card. In this situation, you might promptly try to find out a Wafid-approved service provider to pay and complete the registration process behalf of you immediately. It should be a good decision since wasting a single minute can make you delay to fulfill your wish to travel to a GCC country. But before that, you should try to fix the problem on your own by using the tactics listed below –


3 Most Useful Tips For Resolving Payment Issues During The Wafid Medical Registration Process

  1. Check The Internet Connectivity – While a large number of financial transactions are now done online, you may have trouble paying for your Wafid medical exam due to server or internet connectivity problems. Check the speed of your internet connection first to find the core reason for payment failure. If other websites are working correctly with the same internet connection speed, the issue might be with your credit card or a bank transaction. However, if you get trapped on the payment page due to slow internet, please contact your service provider as soon as possible to resolve the issue so that you may successfully pay the test amount while sitting at home.
  2. Solve Credit Card Issue – Paying the Wafid test fees online may be problematic at times due to a pending payment on your account or restrictions on using your credit card for particular services. In this case, you can request a credit card from a family member or friend to complete the payment successfully.
  3. Check The Bank Details – You will be unable to pay for the medical test if you provide the incorrect bank account information on the payment page. Be cautious with the digits of bank account numbers and other data to avoid such difficulty. However, if the bank server is unavailable, you may have problems even though you have entered the right bank information. If you get the notification that the payment amount has been deducted from your account but has not been reflected on the Gamca Medical Registration page, please contact your bank immediately.


Following the above-mentioned tricks, hope you can solve the online payment issue to complete the registration for Wafid Medical Appointment successfully. If still, you still face any trouble, you may contact your nearest Wafid-approved service provider as soon as possible to complete the registration process without any difficulty against a nominal service fee. Please keep in mind that when you strive towards a goal, many obstacles may arise, but it is your responsibility to address the issue as soon as possible to move closer to your objective. Wish you all the best for the upcoming wafid Medical Exam!

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