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Applying for UAE Work Visa: Types, Requirements, and Application Process

Admin 16-06-2023

In recent years, the number of individuals travelling overseas for employment has increased significantly, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a popular destination. The UAE's easy job visa requirements contribute to the country's massive ex-pat population, which accounts for 88% of the population.

Now that you know that a resident visa is required to stay lawfully in the UAE, it's time to go over the actions you'll need to do to apply for one and get it stamped in your passport. Choosing the correct work visa, acquiring an entrance visa, applying for an Emirates ID, and receiving a
Wafid online medical check-up is all part of the application procedure.

Various Types of Visa For UAE

Foreigners in the UAE can select between three types of work visas: normal work visas, Green Visas, and Golden Visas. The appropriate visa is determined by the circumstances of each application.

Standard Work Permit

An employer-sponsored work visa in the UAE allows an ex-pat to reside and work as an employee in the UAE for two to three years.

Green Card

Additional perks of the green visa include the possibility to sponsor direct relatives to migrate to the UAE, a six-month grace period after visa expiry or cancellation, and a simpler application procedure.

The Golden Visa

Golden visa holders have access to unique health insurance packages and the option to sponsor an unlimited number of immediate family members and support employees.

Conditions for Obtaining a UAE Work Visa

The requirements for UAE employment visas differ based on the visa category. The following is a basic list of the supporting papers necessary for a UAE work visa application:
  1. Original and duplicate passports
  2. Passport-sized photographs in accordance with UAE regulations
  3. Emirates identification card
  4. Obtaining an entry permit from the Ministry of Labour (MoL)
  5. A medical certificate issued by a UAE government-approved health centre
  6. Copies of the employee's academic credentials with Ministry of Foreign Affairs and UAE Embassy authorisation in the employee's home country
  7. Employer documents, such as their commercial licence and company card
To obtain a work visa or residence visa for UAE, every applicant must have to be medically fit. Wafid online medical certificate would give the allowance or the fit certificate.

The results of the examination are necessary for the application for a resident visa. Furthermore, all foreign employees in the UAE are required to have health insurance. Employers in some Emirates, such as Abu Dhabi and Dubai, are required to offer health insurance for their employees and their families.


In the end,

If a corporation does not have a local organisation in the UAE but wishes to hire foreign nationals, it can instead collaborate with an employer of record (EoR).
Don't you think the procedure appears to be simple? You may be wondering how one may stay outside the nation while applying for a resident visa. Yes, we believe it is doable, particularly in the case of free zone enterprises. Feel free to start the proce
dure after you've left the country.

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