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Checking WAFID Medical Report Online with Indian Passport: A Step-by-Step Guide

Admin 18-07-2023

Undergoing the WAFID medical process is mandatory for applicants who generally apply for work or residency visas for GCC nations from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and other countries. Visa applicants need to book for WAFID online medical appointment and appear in the WAFID medical center directed in the GCC medical slip. Now, what is next after the WAFID medical test? Obviously, it is to check your WAFID medical report online. But, do you know how to check the information online with your Indian passport? If you don’t then take it easy. We are here to help you out through this blog post. 

Read it on to know how to check WAFID (previously GAMCA) medical report online with your Indian passport and its number. 

WAFID Medical Report Checking Online in India

WAFID medical test is a deciding factor for the candidates from the nations under the GAMCA Health Organization expatriate program and India also comes under it. GCC nation visa applicants need to pass the medical test and obtain a WAFID FITMENT certificate to ensure their fitness to work in GCC nations. 

Report Timing: 

It takes usually two to three working days for the WAFID report to come out online. Candidates can receive it online. 

Report Status Checking Online: 

A candidate can check his/her medical report online in India either using the WAFID slip number or using a passport number. 

The process to Check Report Online with Indian Passport:

It is easy to check the WAFID report online. Let us know how 

First, visit the official website for WAFID. 

Next, visit the WAFID medical result-checking page

Next, a page will open and you would see two options to check the medical test result– i) by passport number, and ii) by Wafid slip number

Next, you can choose anyone and enter the captcha correctly

Finally, you will be asked to click on the ‘Check’ button and it will show you the status of your WAFID medical test report online 

You can do these all on your own. Otherwise, you can take the help of GAMCA/WAFID appointment booking service to do these all for you. 

One more thing, to collect the hard copy of the medical test report, you need to visit the medical center where you have seen it for WAFID medical test. 

Validity of WAFID Medical Test Report

If you will appear to fit in the report card, you can use the report for 90 days. This means you need to get your passport stamped and obtain a visa for your destined GCC nation within these 90 days. 

Whereas, if your report shows you unfit for WAFID, you need to wait for 3 to 6 months according to your medical condition for WAFID retesting. During this period, you would be restricted to reapply for GCC national work/residency/family visa. 

To Conclude,

If you have undergone the Wafid medical test, you can check it easily within 2 to 3 days online.  You can use your GCC slip number to check the status if you wish. No matter what your country is, if it is under the WAFID medical program, you can certainly use your passport number to check the Wafid Online Medical report status just in clicks. 

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