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Conditions to Know About WAFID Fit/Unfit Report Timeframes & Restrictions

Admin 13-02-2024

The WAFID medical exam is the gateway to working in your dream GCC country. WAFID Medical is famous as one of the most challenging exams due to its scrutiny process. The Gulf Health Ministers Council mandates WAFID medical for foreign natives to ensure a healthy environment for nationals and foreign workers of GCC countries. So, if you are one of those aspirants looking forward to working in one of the GCC nations, you have to complete the WAFID medical registration first. The result of the medical examination confirms whether you will be eligible or fit to incur the family or working visa to fly to your desired GCC nation. 

Once you pass the GAMCA aka WAFID medical exam, you will obtain a fitness certificate from a GCC-accredited WAFID medical center and receive your visa immediately. Hence, it is essential to understand the importance of the WAFID medical fit/unfit report and its implications within the esteemed timeframe. In this blog, we discuss the details of the WAFID fit and unfit report and its validity to help you with the  WAFID medical process efficiently. 

WAFID Medical Fit Report & Its Timeframe


Once a candidate passes the WAFID medical screening successfully, he will receive the fitness report. The fitness report comes with an affirmation to fly to the GCC nation when the candidate passes the examinations in meets all the health fitness requirements set by the GCC medical council. The fitness report remains valid for 60 days only from the date of its issuing. The report states that you are fit to work or travel to the GCC nation and to obtain the work/travel/family visa. 

It is very essential to note that the report remains valid only for sixty days and within this timeframe, you need to complete the processes including obtaining your visa, passport stamping, and fulfilling other essential visa requirements. If you fail to complete all the processes within 60 days, the report will expire and you need to reapply for WAFID registration to get an appointment for a WAFID medical examination.   

WAFID Unfit Report, Timeframe & Restrictions


If by any chance, a candidate cannot clear the medical examination due to health issues or health standards specified by the GCC medical authority, the candidate will receive an unfit report and will not be able to get a Visa. In this scenario, the candidate will be prohibited to retake the examination for a certain period. The time limitation of the prohibition period depends on the condition of the report. The period ranges from 3 to 6 months depending on the GCC policies and regulations respective to the GCC nation. 


To Conclude, 

An unfit report does not mean that you will no longer be eligible to sit for the WAFID medical. By taking care of your health issues in addressing them to your physician you can improve it and redo the WAFID medical registration. After completion of the prohibition period, you can reapply for a WAFID medical examination. Make sure to carry the documents that support your improved medical status and update the medical records to increase your chances of obtaining the WAFID fit report in one go during the next medical examination.

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