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Discover Why WAFID Medical Centers Are Considered Gatekeepers for GCC Employment

Admin 16-10-2023

WAFID medical examination, previously known as GAMCA is an entryway, or better to say gatekeeper to secure gate passes for flying to GCC nations for many reasons. No matter what you are; you may be a student, a job seeker, and/or you are about to apply for a WAFID online medical appointment to obtain a residency visa or family visa, you need to visit a GCC-Approved medical center for the WAFID medical tests. 


During this online Wafid medical appointment booking, a question is raised by many candidates ‘“Can I Change the GCC-Medical Center at my convenience?”. The short and simple answer is “No”. No one is allowed to change the center for the WAFID medical examination because the center is assigned automatically following the city and country selected by a candidate. All these processes are held under strict directions and set rules and regulations of the Gulf Health Council. 


Why Are Candidates Not Allowed to Change Center for WAFID Medical Examination?


GCC-approved (Gulf Cooperation Council Approved Medical Centers Association) WAFID medical centers play an important role in assessing the health condition and level of fitness for overseas job candidates who are willing to work in GCC nations. These are the centers that will decide whether a candidate is eligible or not to obtain the WAFID medical FITMENT report. Candidates who have serious health issues (contagious and chronic ailments) are not permitted to fly to GCC nations because the authority of GCC nations does not allow any foreign worker who can pose threats to the health of nationals. 


The role of GCC-approved medical centers is very crucial. The reason why, the GCC council does not allow any candidate in any situation to change the center after the WAFID online registration. Because they believe, it can impair the quality of medical procedures and the reliability of the FITment report can be at stake. 


What Do GCC-Approved Medical Centers Do to Maintain Medical Examination Standards?


Needless to say, GCC-approved medical centers are liable to maintain important responsibilities provided by the GHC (Gulf Health Council) to assess the health conditions of visa applicants and notify the exact to the council. For these purposes, the medical centers abide by strict rules set by the Health Council of GCC nations. These are as follows…   


  1. They maintain high-quality medical standards and medical practices to provide a fitting medical judgment to the council as well as to the candidates. 
  2. The centers only employ qualified and experienced medical professionals who are well aware of the medical requirements and procedures of the WAFID medical examination. 
  3. The centers follow strict rules and regulations to ensure only accurate, transparent, and reliable medical examinations and to produce reports. 


In these ways, the GCC nation not only protects public health for their nations but also provides a clear health bill to expats who are willing to work or study in GCC nations. 


On a Closing Note…..

GCC Medical Centres act as regulatory bodies to ensure that foreign workers meet all requirements to obtain the WAFID Fitment certificate and get the visa stamped for employment approval. Wafid Online Medical Registration and Medical Examinations strive to maintain a healthy work environment for the expats as well as for the nationals. And, GCC medical centers have a great portion of contribution in this regard. 

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