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Explore the Reasons for Wafid Medical Test Failure

Admin 17-08-2023

With the help of an online system and the availability of so many Wafid-approved service providers, completing the Wafid medical registration becomes quite easy for anybody who wishes to visit any GCC nation. But the most difficult part of fulfilling the ambition is passing the exam on the very first try. Because if your fitness does not meet even one of the criteria, you will be considered unfit. 


If you failed the Wafid medical exam due to a minor illness, you will be granted another opportunity to cure the illness and reapply for the test within a set time limit. On the other hand, if you have serious ailments, such as HIV or hepatitis, you will be banned from any Gulf work visa for the rest of your life.


To become aware of the probable reasons for the test's failure, please read this blog thoroughly.


Most Common Reasons for Declaring Unfit in the Wafid Medical Examination

  1. If you have low hemoglobin levels or are anemic.
  2. If there is a contagious/infectious illness present.
  3. Tuberculosis has been identified in an X-ray.
  4. Diabetes or hypertension that is uncontrolled.
  5. Any liver or kidney disorders.
  6. Significant birth defects or handicaps.
  7. A neurological or psychological condition.
  8. Visible skin illnesses.

How To Avoid Failing In The Wafid Medical Test


After learning about the most prevalent causes for failing the Wafid medical test, you may be thinking about how you may avoid such situations. Well, there are two ways to avoid being declared unfit by the Wafid medical team, which are as follows: – 

  1. If you are already aware of a chronic condition from which you are suffering and believe it can stop you from passing the medical exam, consult with your family physician right away before completing the Wafid medical registration. After continuing treatment, when your doctor declares that you are clear of the specified ailment, you may confidently apply for the medical test.
  2. To evaluate your fitness, you may first conduct the same tests required for the wafid test through a nearby laboratory. If the test results show that everything is fine, then complete your registration for the Wafid medical test as soon as possible.



Please remember not to be worried before or during the wafid medical exam, since this may quickly raise your blood pressure and harm your confidence level. According to expert opinion, you should Take adequate rest, eat properly, drink lots of water, avoid wearing tight clothing, and exercise before the medical check. If you are among several applicants offered the opportunity to visit a GCC country, losing the chance for one small mistake might cost you greatly.


So, keep calm and pray to God to be with you and help you complete the medical test without any difficulty. For more information on the testing method, you may contact a nearby Wafid-approved service provider having an experienced group of consultants that have been providing the greatest service and advice for a long time.

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