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Exploring Job Opportunities: A Guide for Indian Job Seekers in Bahrain

Admin 13-07-2023

Bahrain is one of the popular GCC nations that Indian job seekers sought after securing a high-paid job. It is a small island state situated in the Persian Gulf and is widely popular for its rich culture and history as well. Like other GCC nations, Bahrain is also a tax-free country and it is also a reason that job seekers from India and other countries desire to get a job in Bahrain. 

Thus far, for applicants from India who is dreaming to work in Bahrain, this blog would be a true guide for you all. You would get to know the facts to get a job in Bahrain. Also, you can acquire information about Bahrain work visa processing and Wafid online medical registration here at Gulf Appointment Service, your trusted GCC Wafid appointment booking service in Kolkata. 

Bahrain Job Scopes & Work Visa Obtainment 

Before talking about Bahrain work visa processing and Wafid online registration, we like to talk about the job fields that are open to Indian job seekers. Though, applicants’ qualifications are subject to consideration respective to domains. 

Job Scopes in Bahrain for Indian Candidates

Let us know some of the job scopes for Indians in Bahrain, 

Oil and Gas Industry 
Information Technology: 
Retail and sales, 
Business and Administration, 
Hospitality, etc. 

These sectors are booming and providing opportunities to Indian job seekers. 

Bahrain Work Visa Application Requirements

But, there is a catch. No candidate can apply for a visa until and unless he/she gets hired by a company directly. Yes, the responsibility of applying for a work visa is completely governed by employers in Bahrain. The employers submit the application for a work visa to the Bahrain Labour Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA) on behalf of selected candidates after a job interview. 

You would be qualified to apply for a work visa when you will have an employment offer/contract. Once the Bahrain LMRA accepts the application for an Indian candidate from a Bahrain employer, the candidate can process a visa in India.  

Work Visa Duration for Indian Candidates in Bahrain

Counting on different factors, the duration of the work visa for Bahrain is decided. The worth of a work visa counts on

Type of profession and position 

Skill and qualification 

Contract duration

Work Visa Time Variations 

6 month

1 year

6-month extension

1-year extension

2-year extension

The duration of a work visa completely counts on the contracts and employers.

Required Documents for Bahrain Work Visa for Indian Candidates

Original passport

8 passport-sized photos on white background

Visa payment proof (provided by your employer)

Letter of employment 

Contract of work

Wafid fitness certificate

Health insurance 

To obtain the Wafid fitness certificate, you need to go for Wafid online medical registration. You need to pass the medical exam completely to get your visa approved to fly to Bahrain for your work. 


Bahrain is a promising state that provides numerous lucrative job opportunities to Indian candidates. So, if you want any assistance in booking Wafid online medical appointment to obtain a work visa, don’t hesitate to contact Gulf Appointment Service.

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