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Helpful Tips To Clear WAFID Medical Examination for Jaundice-Recovered Candidates

Admin 13-10-2023

Since 15th January 2023, GAMCA has been changed to WAFID. WAFID is a mandatory medical examination required for candidates who desire to work in or study in GCC nations.  The test is mandated by the Health Council of GCC nations to assess the condition of health of foreign workers, students, and citizens who are willing to work, study, and/or stay in GCC nations for a long time. Candidates need to book a WAFID medical appointment online and they need to pass the exam successfully to obtain visa approval.  


However, it is not as easy as it seems. Not all candidates can obtain the FITMENT report after completion of all WAFID medical tests. If they have underlying issues like tuberculosis, diabetes, kidney disease, mental disorders, etc. However. Today we will discuss how you can pass the WAFID medical examination if you are a Jaundice-Recovered patient. Yes, you can obtain a visa for your desired GCC nation if you have had Jaundice in the past. If you want to know how, please read the blog to its end. 


WAFID Medical Tests For Jaundice Recovered Candidates 


First of all, you need to be very honest with your medical examiner. You should not hide any health-related issues that you have undergone in the past and successfully recovered. If you have had jaundice in the past, tell it clearly to your medical examiner during the WAFID medical examination. 


Now what will happen next? Let us know in steps…

  1. The medical examiner will certainly ask for previous medical records to know more about your health and to find out why you had jaundice. 
  2. Then he will find out the type of Jaundice you had (Viral Hepatitis, Jaundice due to Gallbladder stone, Jaundice due to alcohol consumption, and it was jaundice due to an autoimmune issue, etc.)
  3. After that, he will ask you to undergo a few medical tests including specific types of blood tests and/or a liver biopsy to find out whether you have any underlying issues or not as you had jaundice.  

Finally, if you clear the blood tests without any underlying health issues, the medical examiner will declare you fit for the WAFID. You will be able to obtain the WAFID Fitment report and get your visa stamped for your desired GCC nation. 


Tips Increasing Chances Clearing WAFID/GAMCA for Jaundice-Recovered Candidates


If you have recovered from Jaundice and you are to apply for a WAFID medical appointment, please follow the tips to increase your chances of clearing WAFID medical…

  1. Don't hide anything from the WAFID medical examiner. 
  2. Take good care of your health and maintain the health tips your home physician has provided you. 
  3. You can undergo blood tests and liver biopsy personally (at any clinic of your preference) before the WAFID medical to know if you have any underlying health issues or not. It will provide you with a better idea of whether you should apply for WAFID now or if you should do it later on. 
  4. Don't skip medications that your doctor has prescribed you. 
  5. Eat healthy, avoid smoking, and do regular exercise as directed by your medical practitioner. 

Hopefully, these tips will help you to undergo the WAFID medical test successfully and obtain the WAFID fitment report to secure your visa for a GCC nation. If you still have doubts, ask your physician for guidance and follow the same. You can certainly get qualified for WAFID. 


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