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How to Register/Book WAFID Medical Appointment for Saudi Arabia Visa?

Admin 19-05-2023

Undergoing the WAFID medical test is mandatory for all expatriates who want to immigrate to Saudi Arabia for employment, family visit, or residency (permanent/temporary). The same is applied to Indians who want to fly to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the same reasons. So, if you are 16 or above, you can apply for a Saudi Arabia visa. Before that, to obtain your Saudi Arabia work visa you need to complete the WAFID medical registration. It is mandated by the Gulf Health Council.  

WAFID Online Registration Process for Saudi Visa

With thriving job opportunities and great work culture, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia becomes the center of attraction for job seekers. For ex-pats who want to build a lucrative career, Saudi Arabia has numerous job opportunities to provide. So, if you are about to apply for a Saudi Arabia job/family/residency visa; you must undergo the WAFID medical registration process successfully. The following steps for the process are, 

1. Visit the official site of WAFID to book your medical appointment for WAFID. You can also take the help of the WAFID medical appointment booking service. We can help in this regard.
2. You need to fill out the application form with the required details including name, country, ID, and purpose of visit to Saudi.
3. Type of visa you apply for
4. After all information submission, press the submit button
5. Next pay for the application with a credit card only
6. Collect the medical examination slip (GCC/WAFID medical slip) upon your payment. 

During the registration, you can choose the city for WAFID medical examination. The medical center will be assigned automatically based on your city choice. 

List of WAFID Medical Tests for Saudi Visa 

The medical tests you need to undergo during WAFID medical screening are,

1. Blood test for Hepatitis C and B, and HIV
2. Urinalysis
3. Stool test
4. Vision test
5. Hearing test
6. X-Ray for chest examination
7. Other necessary physical examinations
8. Review of your past medical records

Tests may vary from person to person based on the medical history.

Required Documents for Saudi WAFID Medical

Candidates need to bring essential documents for Saudi Arabia WAFID medical,

1. GCC/WAFID medical slip
2. Original passport and its photocopy
3. 8-Passport size photos
4. Visa number with date
5. MOFA number
6. Rs.5500/- for the medical center fee

WAFID Medical Test for Pregnant Women

Women who are pregnant and applying for a Saudi visa need to undergo certain medical tests. Followings are,

1. Blood test
2. Urine test
3. Vision test  

X-Ray is prohibited for pregnant women. Even, women need to submit MOFA visa slips, pregnancy reports, ultrasound reports, and NOC forms at the medical center.

WAFID Medical for Children

Children who are below 12 years, need to go for WAFID medical tests.
They must bring the original passport, visa, and two passport photos along with a WAFID appointment slip, and identity card.
The medical examiner would check for certain things to issue a medical fitness certificate.

1. Height
2. Weight
3. Vaccination history

Lab tests are not required for children.
Candidates can check their WAFID medical results online within 2 to 4 days.

WAFID Medical Appointment Service Kolkata

WAFID medical registration is done for candidates with precision at M/S Gulf Appointment Service just at Rs.1500/-. Contact us for WAFID medical appointment service anytime.  

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