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Know About WAFID Medical Appointment & Health Assessment for Indian Women

Admin 13-03-2024

Women are way too smart and active these days. From managing the home to working at an office/business, looking after children and nurturing a family, taking part in competitions to following passions - they are making their presence undoubtedly felt. And when it is all about securing a job in GCC countries, women are not too far from men. Here in this blog, we will discuss processes to complete a Wafid medical appointment for women from India with other necessary details. 


Let’s dive deep into the discussion…..


Booking Appointment for WAFID Medical for Indian Women 


There is no basic difference in WAFID medical examination for men and women.  Both need to follow the same steps including 

  • Booking Wafid's medical appointment online with online payment mode.

Note: The appointment for WAFID medical can be taken online only and online payment is mandatory. So, if anyone is asking for cash in advance to book your appointment offline, please consider it a scam and avoid such situations.   

  • You need to provide all the necessary information including your name printed on your passport, email ID, phone number, issuing and expiry date of passport, your country, city, type of visa you are applying for, marital status, and other necessary details during filling up the appointment for Wafid medical. 

  • You need to choose the GCC country for which you are applying visa. 

  • After successful completion of the appointment booking, you need to wait for at least 30 minutes to receive the WAFID medical slip. It will be sent to your registered email ID. 


If you find these steps overwhelming, you can certainly take the help of a WAFID medical appointment service provider. M/S Gulf Appointment Service is there for your assistance always. 


WAFID Medical Test For Women & Purposes


GCC nations are highly concerned with the health and well-being of the residents. The reason why, anyone who is applying for a visa to travel to any of the 6 GCC nations for work, business, or family needs to undergo the Wafid medical examination and pass it with a fitment certificate as well. The purpose is the same for the women candidates applying for work or family visas to fly to GCC nations. So, let us have a look at the medical tests women need to undergo during WAFID medical examination, 


Physical Examination: This process includes a series of health check-ups. These are as follows 


  • Height measurement
  • Weight 
  • Blood pressure checking
  • Eye test
  • Hearing test

The process also includes the assessment of the medical history of the candidate with proper documentation to understand whether she has a history of allergies, contagious diseases, and/or she is on medications or not. 


Laboratory Examination: Women need to undergo a set of tests to determine whether she has infectious disease or not. The tests include 


  • Tuberculosis 
  • Hepatitis B and C
  • HIV and Syphilis 

Blood and urine samples are required for these tests. 


Chest X-ray: It is required to screen diseases related to respiratory infections like tuberculosis. 




Don't panic. Take your diet properly and get ample rest a few days before the WAFID medical appointment. Consider wearing a comfortable dress so you can go through all the tests hassle-free. And, if you have any health problems or any medical history, don't hide it from the medical officer.


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