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Know How You Book WAFID Medical Appointment!!

Admin 26-04-2023

Congratulations that you have cracked a job interview from one of the top GCC nations. So, you must be excited and busy packing your bags to travel to your destination. But, wait, have you booked your WAFID medical appointment yet? Don’t know how to process the registration for WAFID medical examination appointment? check out our guiding process. 

What is WAFID Medical?

Before moving forward, it is mandatory to know what WAFID medical is. Anyone who wants to travel to Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and/or Oman (Six GCC-Nation) for employment or residency needs to undergo WAFID medical test. It is mandatory for men, women, and children. Even, students who want to fly to any of these Gulf countries for higher studies must undergo the WAFID medical test to obtain a WAFID fitment certificate. 

Candidates need to book for WAFID medical appointment online. There is no other way to take an appointment for WAFID medical. 


Why WAFID Medical is Mandatory?

GCC Health Council mandates the WAFID medical test for expats from all over the world to keep the GCC residents safe from any kind of contagious diseases caused by viruses or contaminations. Additionally, the GCC council wants to establish a workforce sourced from Middle countries that is physically and mentally good and does not create any harm to the nationals of GCC nations.

Online WAFID Medical Appointment Booking Process

If you want to book Wafid medical appointment, follow the process below, 

* You can visit the official WAFID appointment site or click 
* Next, you need to provide all information asked to fill out the WAFID appointment form. 
* Click the Book Appointment button at last. On clicking you would be directed to the payment page. 
* Then click to pay
* Finally, check your email for confirmation and download the GCC medical slip. 

Note: You should provide an email address that is working and your active phone number. Because GCC medical appointment slips would be sent only to your registered email address.  Only credit cards are accepted for online payment. 

Fees for WAFID Online Medical Appointment

Candidates are required to pay only Rs. 1500/- Wafid registration. Though the medical center fee varies counting on the GCC nation you will apply for. Let us check out the medical center fees depending on the Gulf nation you apply, 

Medical Center Fees for WAFID Test, 

* Saudi Arabia – Rs. 5500/-
* Qatar – Rs. 5000/-
* UAE – Rs. 5000/-
* Oman – Rs. 5000/-
* Bahrain – Rs. 5000/-
* Kuwait – Rs. 5000/-

What do You need to Carry to Medical Center for Wafid Medical?

For the WAFID medical test, a candidate needs to carry…

* GCC medical appointment slip 
* Original passport
* 8 – Passport sized photo on white background

There are a few exceptions in documents. Let’s read out, 

* If the Wafid medical is for Saudi Arabia, the candidate needs to carry a visa number, visa date, and Mofa number. 
* If the test is for Kuwait, the candidate must carry an original visa.
* If the Wafid medical test is undertaken for Oman, the candidate needs to carry 8 passport-sized photos on blue background. 

WAFID Medical Test Types 

In general two types of medical tests are performed in GCC-approved medical centers. 

* Lab-based tests 
* Physical tests

The test procedure undergoes comprehensive medical examinations abiding by the Gulf Health Council guidelines and compliances.
For a hassle-free WAFID medical appointment service, contact M/S Gulf Appointment Service, one of the best WAFID online medical appointment counselors in Kolkata.


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