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List of Health Disorders Declare Candidate Unfit in WAFID Medical Test

Admin 24-04-2023

How do you feel when you think of WAFID medical test? Do you get afraid of or excited? Well, WAFID medical screening follows a set of strict rules declared by the Gulf Health Council and candidates need to pass medical tests to get a WAFID medical fitment certificate. Therefore, candidates who want to travel to any of the GCC nations - Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait for employment should know which type of Unfit Diseases/health disorders can ban their journey to GCC nations once and all. And the same applies to the candidates who apply for family or residency visas. 

WAFID Unfit Diseases & Disorders

Candidates who are a little aware of GAMCA/WAFID medical processes know that obtaining the WAFID fitment certificate is not child’s play. You need to be fit in all aspects – physically and mentally. So, today we would know about a list of diseases and disorders that declare candidates unfit for WAFID and prevent getting a visa for employment, family, or residency.

There are two types of list of WAFID unfit diseases/disorders – Infectious and Non-Infectious. So, to protect the GCC populace from these infectious or non-infectious diseases, GCC has mandated WAFID medical tests to undergo all foreigners. 

List of WAFID Unfit Infectious Diseases 

Such diseases can be infested due to pathogens, viruses, or bacteria. Make sure you don’t have any of the diseases mentioned below.

* HIV Positive
AIDS Positive
TB or Tuberculosis 
* HCV Positive
The scar on the lungs due to pulmonary issue
* VDRL Positive 
* Microfilaria Reactive
* TPHA Positive 

List of WAFID Unfit Non-Infectious Diseases 

Generally, non-infectious diseases are caused due genetic issues or malnutrition. Here is the list of non-infectious diseases that declare a candidate unfit for WAFID.

* Diabetes mellitus
* Hypertension or High Blood Pressure
* Neurological disorder 
* Congestive heart failure 
* Psychiatric problem
* Cancer – any type of
* Chronic renal failure
* Any kind of physical disability
* Hepatitis 

If you are affected by any of the infections or non-infectious diseases mentioned above, it lowers the chances to travel to GCC nations and increases the chances of WAFID medical non-fitment. 

Other Essential Medical Tests for WAFID

There are other medical tests performed at the center during the WAFID medical. If you get unfit in any of the tests, you may face trouble to process your visa for traveling to GCC nations. Let us see what types of tests are performed to ensure the fitment candidature for WAFID medical test. 

Influential Disease

* Any kind of allergic infection 
* Nervous Diseases like epilepsy

Clinical Tests

* Heart Beat Rate Checking and previous history of illness related to the heart or inherited heart disease
* Blood Pressure Checking
* Skin-related issues including eczema or other visible chronic skin diseases
* Thorough checking of internal organs
* If the candidate is female then a pregnancy check will take place. Importantly, if the candidate is pregnant for more than 7 months, she is declared temporarily unfit for WAFID

Apart from the above-mentioned medical screening, candidates need to undergo more medical examinations, laboratory examinations, and serological tests. 

Putting It As One, 

As we already said, clearing WAFID medical test is not a simple process. You need to clear all fitness tests to obtain a visa to fly to your dream GCC nation for work or residency. For more information, you can contact M/S Gulf Appointment Service at your convenience.

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