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Navigate Through Oman Work Visa Requirements & WAFID for Indians

Admin 22-02-2024

Are you planning to fly to Oman for work? Don’t know where to start and what are the procedures to obtain an Oman work visa from India? No, worries, you just have reached the right place and will find all the answers related to Oman Work Visa right here in this blog. From WAFID appointment to Oman work visa obtainment - everything will be discussed here. We understand that undergoing the Oman work visa process seems a bit overwhelming when you don’t know the head or tail of it. But, worry not, M/S Gulf Appointment Service is right here to assist you by providing full information on how to obtain an Oman work visa in navigating a thorough process. 


Oman Work/Business Visa Overview for Indians

Whether you are looking for a suitable job in Oman or you are willing to start a business in Oman, you will get important information here. Oman provides an array of work visas to cater to the needs of different types of employment for expirants from India and other countries across the globe. The employment visas are offered for skilled employees, business entrepreneurs, and specific job applicants. 


Oman Work Visa Application Process for Indians 


Indians who are seeking opportunities to work or do business in Oman need to apply for the appropriate visa based on their employment/business prerequisites and eligibility. Let us have a look at the processes required to apply for a work visa to Oman for Indians, 

  1. First, identify the fitting visa category. 
  2. Get a sponsorship from an Omani company for your employment or business venture; according to your needs. 
  3. Book for WAFID medical appointment online and undergo the medical tests to ensure your fitment certificate to obtain the work or business visa to Oman. You will get full assistance from M/S Gulf Appointment Service if you want us to book your medical appointment for WAFID. 
  4. Next, submit your Visa application via the Oman eVisa portal. You can visit the nearest Omani embassy or consulate for Visa assistance. 
  5. Pay the exact visa fees and other essentials for visa processing. 
  6. Await for visa approval. 

Attention Required: You cannot obtain a work or business visa from the Omani authorities unless you clear the WAFID examination with the ‘Fitment’ certificate. It is mandated by the GCC Nation authority to ensure health safety and security for citizens of GCC nations and expatriate employees. 

Oman Work Visa Eligibility Criteria

Let us take a glance at the eligibility criteria based on Oman Visa requirements for Indian citizens.

  • Employment/Job Visa - The employee must obtain a sponsorship from an Omani employer and have relevant qualifications and experience for the job. 

  • Business Visa - The candidate must have an intent to participate in the business in Oman which is sponsored by an Omani business company.

Wrapping Up


Hope the blog has shed light on the queries you have related to your Oman Visa application and what to do to have an Oman visa for a job, employment, or business for Indians. To learn more about the Oman visa eligibility, WAFID appointment, and medical examination process to obtain a visa to Oman, feel free to contact M/S Gulf Appointment Service anytime and from anywhere. 

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