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Wafid Online Medical Test: Cancellation, Support, and Agreement Tips

Admin 12-09-2023

Wafid, previously known as GAMCA, is not a familiar fitness test for all. Only those who are willing to visit the GCC countries for their own purpose know about it. So as you’re currently reading this article, we hope you’re looking for more information about Wafid online medical tests. The random information is easily available on the internet but people rarely talk about human rights for this test. 

Therefore we’re introducing a few points that might be needed during the Wafid process. Without any further ado, let’s check them out right below.

  1. Cancellation Or Refund

When you're getting the Wafid online appointment make sure you think about it many times and then book. Because once you're done with the process then there is no chance for cancellation. Notably, when your medical slip is generated, you never can do this. Aside from this, due to any technical issues, if the slip takes time to generate then only you can opt for this cancellation or refund process. It will take a maximum of 10 days to be done but 500 rupees will be deducted from your paid amount as cancellation fees. So continuing the appointment, think twice. 

  1. Medical Related Support

We all know how tough this Wafid (GAMCA) is. Passing it without any pretest or preparation is just next to impossible. That's why professionals suggest doing a full body checkup from your general physician. As the test is rare and tough, you've to wait for a little while. During this period if you need any medical support or if you have any queries feel free to call this number, 9903999289. You can call this number a medical assistant. No matter where you're doing this Wafid online medical appointment process, calling this number will give you all the needed information. 

  1.  Making Changes In The Agreement

The Wafid test includes an agreement paper for both. The authority and you both have to agree before doing the test. Following all the legal procedures these agreement papers are made. So if you do not agree with any points, you've got a full right to change them, but remember to make the changes according to the law, otherwise, it won't be a valid one. All though it has a formal process to follow. Just talk to the professionals at your Wafid test center and do as they suggest. 


To Conclude

This set of tests is extremely important to have a visa for GCC countries. Those who are doing the Wafid test for the first time will certainly have many questions and confusion. To get all your answers just start researching. You'll also get some ideas from YouTube videos, people generally share their personal experiences over the platform. But they might not have ideas about the cancellation process, medical support, and human rights. Hope the brief clarification will work in your favor. Just get your test successfully done and fly to the place of hospitality, tradition, and religion, the Arab world. 

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